Pawan Kalyan Recommended to Poonam

pawan kalyan recommended to poonam


Power Star Pawan Kalyan Recommended Poonam. The appointment of Punjabi Actress Poonam Kaur as the brand ambassador of handlooms in Andhra Pradesh has taken everbody by surprise.
For, poonam is basically a punjabi actress and might have dene a few films in telugu but it is past. Power Star Pawan Kalyan Recommended Poonam As such,the present generation of audiences has forgotten poonam kaur long back.

Power Star Pawan Kalyan Recommended Poonam. So, when she was appointed as the AP brand ambassador for handlooms, naturally people suspected that she maght have been recommended by some influential person. Apparently,poonam has some good contacts with Andhra Politicicans and hence, she could get the recgnition from Naidu.

Howere,sources said the man who had recommended poonam to Naidu is none other thean power star and jana sena party president Pawan Kalyan.

It is learnt poonam has very good acquaintance with the power star and since of late, she has gone out of touch from the glamour world, she wanted his help to be in the limelinght in some form or the other.

Since there are no takers for her in the film industry now, Pawan recommended her name to the AP chief ministaer, who was also waiting for some glamour face to promaote the handloom sector.

And that was how Poonam could make it to the power corridors and became the brand ambassador of the AP handlooms

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